Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hot Muscle Ass Video!

                                                 Jason Derulo - Wiggle Parody

Wiggle Parody  Love this song and this dude has got the hottest ass on the fucking Planet!
                                                     Enjoy my sweet Men!!   

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Sitting right next to him, holding his hard cock discreetly from underneath his dropped down open eating tray.

He deliberately let me see the outline of his hard cock popping up and on the side of his white shorts, knowing It was in full view as I sat strapped in with my seat belt,  just one away from his window seat.

I caught his eye while making my way down the tight aisle searching for the first most feasible seat I could find.  Normally I prefer window seats, but this time I'd have to sit way at the tail end of the plane for that to happen.  Na..  I think I'll pass on that one.  My least favorite thing is to have to sit at the  back of the bus, or the back of any restaurant.  And in particular I hate it when a wait staff person takes me past all the open tables with all the liveliness and fun energy, to the back empty area of an otherwise not so full restaurant, just to accommodate some other persons slow area.

Well, I look over and notice this cute white boy sitting by the window seat.  He glances over ever so quickly and I catch it, so there I went.  Aisle seat.  Waited a few seconds and initiated a chat.  Told him I'd sit there to dissuade others from trying to sit in the middle.  Of course I meant, "in between us" but he didn't need to know that right now.

Instant smile on his face gave it all away very quickly.  Great!  Blue eyes, blonde, about 5'11" 20 something.  Traveling alone too! Yea!  Like that alot!

Well, plane filled up pretty fast and now there was a cute lady aching for a seat.  I took a preemptive strike and moved over just before she requested our middle seat.  That would've been the end of this story right here.  Instead it continues....  ;')

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Power of Intention!

Here is a sweet little card a client gave me right at the end of our session just days ago in Orlando.

So sweet.  To think he planned this.  To me it talks about the power of intention.  What is it you are choosing or committed to creating out of, and "in" your life.  Anyway, so at the very end he pulls the card out telling me how thankful he was that I made the session out to be all he ever wanted, and not only that, but far more than he even expected. 

All this as my "classical music" selection channel on Pandora was for some reason, playing church music in the background with words of sweet praise and gratitude being sung ever so angelically.  Serving almost as a coincidental background, for the conversation of gratitude we were now both having in person after his self proclaimed stupendously erotic, wonderful, heavenly experience he was so eagerly thanking me for providing.  I had him, "shaking all over" according to him, from how moving it was, and how wonderful it made him feel.

He handed me the card, but inside the card was also an additional 40.00 which was very sweet and unexpected, but this was in addition to the extra he had given me when he first arrived.  I'm not sharing this to impress just to express some of the sweet moments I also get to indulge in, and part of why I still do what I do hear with you guys, and why I not only am continuing to expand, but plan to improve greatly on my brand!

Comments are always welcome, and please know that my New website will be going "live" by this weeks end.  This blog will be moved and so the new address for how to access the new blog will be through my website.   I will post a very large message on the top of this blog when that happens so for now.  keep viewing here on this site. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I had a really cool time with my client in Los Angeles.  Stayed at the Mondrian on Sunset Blvd.  Look it up guys.  This Gentlemen, and repeat client, has booked me for my "weekend" package.  If you wish to get more details about this go to my website, which any day now will be completely transformed and viewable on all devices, including I-pads, and I-phones.  The site link is

 The hotel is awesome, and a can be quite expensive too!  My "frugal" Philly client text me today that my hotel is 1500.00 per night!  I don't think we paid this much but it was completely sold out on our final day Sunday Aug, 4th.

Anyway, me and my sweet client from Switzerland see each other several times a year, and no expense is spared.  A great time is had by him and me too!  Even at tense moments no one even loses proper form, and nothing ever gets bizarre, weird or wildly uncomfortable.

He is uber wealthy, but what's best about him to me is that he is loving, giving, compassionate, he embraces life and living at every turn, and never fails to wear a smile when he's with me, and when he's not.

He likes me to create suggestions, for party time, quiet time, play time, and just me and him time.  Told me this trip that we should plan a European adventure somewhere.  Love it!  So stay tuned, as I will be keeping you all posted here about some of those upcoming scenes of excitement.

I have another story about a hot time I had on the plane during my previous trip back to Orlando. 
Already started writing it, but I had to cut it just to post these fresh thoughts today, while they're still flowing, and I don't forget.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anyone in Portland Oregon ?

Hi Guys,

Been so wonderfully busy here in Philly, barely time to get it all in and blog too.

Right now packing to head on out for a weekend booking with 1 client in Los Angeles California.  Excited and looking forward to my 2 day stay in LA, at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd.  Just wanted to give you guys all a shout out and let you know I have a hot post ready to go soon as I get to LA, I will do my best to post it!

Wishing you all a great day!!!  Back to Orlando on Tuesday Aug 5th from LA. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Traveling Posts!

Hi Guys,

Between Studying, studying, studying, and then traveling, well, let's just say I've been having to recreate myself over and over again and again.  New disciplines, all over the place.  Change is always, and to think or expect otherwise is not only counter productive, but can also be a contributor to elevated stress levels.

So here I am feeling like I really need to get posting with more frequency.  And so it will begin.  I am at the airport right now, taking advantage of an apparent hour delay in my flight back to Orlando tonight.

I go back for one event I committed to, and back on a plane again Monday for another yet to be determined location.

My trip to Philly, time with family after, and my more recent 3 day stay in NYC, turned out to be a success all the way around.  I will be keeping the Long Island City Qns. location as an open option whenever the city rates become financially restrictive.

This last hotel was the Wyndham Garden, and it was only 4 blocks from the subway.  A direct walk with a clear view of the hotel within just 2 short blocks.  It was actually more easily accessible by subway than many of my previous midtown west locations.

I will be posting a couple hot text messages a got from one of my Philly clients very soon.  Tonight If I don't have to get logged off too soon here.

My new website will make my blog more quickly accessible so this should facilitate my ease of blogging too!

Orlando one day only.  Sunday.  Then off again.  It's possible I may hit Philly again for a couple days.  Sunday now, didn't get to finish this at the airport yesterday but I promised to finish, and so here it is.  A couple hot situations happened as a result of this flight so I'll be sharing that next with you guys soon.  If not later today, since my time in Orlando is so limited, then tomorrow from wherever I decide to land.

Friday, July 11, 2014

New site... Upcoming

Seems like forever!

I know, me too believe me!  Oh, I see, You don't know what I'm talking about!

Okay, well, I'm talking about my site.  The new one that is!  The one that should've been done months ago now!

Yikes!  Anyway was online today trying to figure some things out.  Part of it is because I have much of the work to do myself.  Hired out the site design but some of the more important aspects, I have had to do alone.  Paying is not an option right now.

One day!  haha..  So anyway, it looks to be coming out nicely.  I was really hoping to get it online today finally but maybe tomorrow..  Time is everything, and I've been studying so much.  Had a 3 hour call with a Coaching Client today, and so I fell into the loop once again!

haha....  Not complaining.  It's all good!  Great things are brewing!  Hang in there guys!  It's gonna be so cool when I get it up and running.  The changes will  be far more frequent.  As I continue to tweak my discipline, you will see and benefit from the cool growth spurts! 

PS. I will be traveling again next Weds.  Get on my mailing list.  Announcement will be made there 1st.