Friday, July 11, 2014

New site... Upcoming

Seems like forever!

I know, me too believe me!  Oh, I see, You don't know what I'm talking about!

Okay, well, I'm talking about my site.  The new one that is!  The one that should've been done months ago now!

Yikes!  Anyway was online today trying to figure some things out.  Part of it is because I have much of the work to do myself.  Hired out the site design but some of the more important aspects, I have had to do alone.  Paying is not an option right now.

One day!  haha..  So anyway, it looks to be coming out nicely.  I was really hoping to get it online today finally but maybe tomorrow..  Time is everything, and I've been studying so much.  Had a 3 hour call with a Coaching Client today, and so I fell into the loop once again!

haha....  Not complaining.  It's all good!  Great things are brewing!  Hang in there guys!  It's gonna be so cool when I get it up and running.  The changes will  be far more frequent.  As I continue to tweak my discipline, you will see and benefit from the cool growth spurts! 

PS. I will be traveling again next Weds.  Get on my mailing list.  Announcement will be made there 1st.


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hi Guys!

Just a little note to say hi, and to let you all know I am currently in Sunny Orlando.  Been working on a lot of fun stuff coming your way very soon!  So stay tuned!  more hot stories coming your way very soon too!

Website being rebuilt and got a great glimpse just late last night!  Tweaking some items here, before I allow it to go live.  Blog will be included there too, so this address will be redirected to my site   Those of you with I-phones or I-pads will be very excited to know that you will soon, be able to view my site from those devices.  New site will be viewable from Every device, including updated mobile versions.

This will make it all better for me to track my site activity, and you will get to enjoy some cool new private videos I will soon make available there too!  Fun huh?!!

I will be creating a really cool Newsletter too, with great things and topics that will bring great value to you guys signing up for it.  It will be separate from my current mailing list which is mainly for travel notices.  You will be able to book me through the new site, also will come with a really cool map feature that will show you my exact location when traveling too!

Say hi anytime guys!  Those of you who are interested will also be able to find out about my Professional Coaching services, I'm offering right now as well!  Some of you have already heard me mention this but mostly only very recently, since my tendency was to keep anything outside of the "business at hand" quiet, and to myself. 

i have acquired a great up close and very personal look into the lives of many like yourselves, and this has only added to the already highly intuitive nature I've been gifted with by birth.  My past work as a fitness trainer has led the ground work for me to continue doing the highly transformational work with others I have now fully embraced, and you will all be the better for it, since I will now be sharing much of that wisdom and knowledge with anyone ready and willing to learn, go beyond, and grow along with me as their guide.

Who better than someone with first hand expertise on Sex, and all issues revolving around such topics when it comes to how to navigate these often turbulent emotional waters for many great and deserving men who may be feeling caged with no where to turn.  Well, now, I can be there for all of you, in yet another, deeper, & more transformational way! more on this another time.  This is all for now. 

Peace my good men, and many thanks for supporting!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Coming Out! Even after Getting Married!

              This is a cool video guys!  Be sure to watch it.  It speaks to what MANY men are and have been going through in dealing with their own sexuality.  Plus he's cute as hell!


Saturday, May 31, 2014


Seriously my hand was shaking and everything, so hence a bit blurry!  
Doing it all for you guys so you get I'm all about being real with you and giving you my very best, ALWAYS!
I just took these today here in my Hotel bathroom in Foggy Bottom area of DC!  
Hope you like em'?
Those Georgetown University Frat Boys are insanely Beautiful and the place is speckled with their intellectual hotness!  Just my kind too!!  Yumm

I hope my pics can put a smile on your face today too!
Drop in to see me here.  Bored is never good for me!  ;')

Washington DC Now. Checkout Tuesday morning.

Hi Guys!

I am now in Beautiful Washington DC.  Come and see me.  Beautiful day out there.

Also, anyone reading this who is currently on my mailing list.  Please check your spam folders.  I am using a new email address and this is important to assure you all are actually getting and reading the emails I send.

Mailing list email address is NOT the one used for my ads, please be aware.  The email address is

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Know that I have changed the email address for my mailing list!  If you have signed up on my list the email you will be seeing as coming from me will be Now note this is NOT the email address I use on any of my ads, for now it is EXCLUSIVE to my email list only, and that is as intended.

                Hat Selfie.  What do you think Guys?  Cool different look for fun sometimes!

Please check your spam folders, and it's Gmail then look in your "social" or "promotions" section of your email account.   My email list may be going there since I literally have only sent 2 emails from this new mailer program I just began.

My newsletter will be coming out very soon too.  I will figure out how to implement, as a separate entity from my mailing list entirely!  In this newsletter I will cover some sex and/or sexuality issues, keeping you up to date on what I'm currently up to in my life, for those of you who wish to know more, or just follow me.  As a rule the topics will involve intelligent topics, covering a broad spectrum of subjects, but mostly in the personal growth, relationship areas etc... meaning I won't be covering celebrity gossip, or sports, unless it involves some super hot guy we might all be going gaga over! 

Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to let me know that you wish to be included in my newsletter email list.  I will keep you all posted either by a mass email introducing my newsletter or a different opt in page either here on through my website.

Meantime Book me while I will be traveling to Philly, .......DC, and NYC next week!


Friday, May 16, 2014


Hey Guys!  Did you all get to see my COVER BOY of the day shot on Daddys Reviews?
Well, here it is just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about or even know what Daddy's Reviews is.  You can go there yourself!  While your there you will be privy to over 70 stellar reviews the average client has submitted out of the sheer will of their own heart to share with you a bit of their amazing experience with me, in hopes it will inspire some of you to take action, & hire me for your own sampling of my fine wine.  ;')

                      Adam Michaels - Orlando
                    (Previously Adam #3/NYC)


                                 Coverboy 7/18/07, 9/9/08,
                   7/29/09, 7/29/10, 2/21/11, 8/28/12, 5/7/14

Special shout out to Daddy who ultimately makes the choice to pick his most popular Cover Boys!  I STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE & clients who are willing to spend the money and make the time to come see me, get that, the from the minute they walk through the door.  I am both honored and humbled!  Grateful!  Thanks to all who submit reviews on my behalf also!  ;')