Sunday, April 13, 2014


I took these right here last night during my stay in NYC.  So what was YOUR excuse for not dropping in this time??

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This is where I'll be staying guys!  I'll be in good ole New York City later this week!  Who'll come and join me while I'm there?  I am hoping to make my calendar nice and full so do give me a shout out!  I always love my repeats, and you all know that! 

So don't cry later when will I be back!  Happens too many times!  You got me there in 2 days!  Make it happen! 

This is a picture of the outside Atrium at this cool swanky NY Hot Spot!  Also happens to be the hotel recently got a do over during Lady Gaga infamous Roseland ballroom celebration just this past April 4th!

Enough said.  Chat soon!  Hit me up guys.  Don't be strangers.  Remember any monies sent my way are for a great cause.  Supporting those who do good right in your own back yard!  This is me!  A great cause!  I will soon be creating an Amazon wishlist for those who wanted to have another avenue by which to express their appreciation! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014


This is a great Article Gentlemen.  I post this for the many out there still exploring, just entering and testing this new realm of their own male to male sexual desires!  Many beautiful experiences await the many of you BOLD enough to take the stand as you may be doing now.  Learning that your sexuality is yours to do with as you wish, regardless of how anybody else feels about it.  Some of you "come out", some of you, just choose to do your own thing very quietly sharing with almost no one except for those you occasionally choose to explore with.  I have known many men who have even revealed to their wives, their "hidden" secret, and still continue to manage those relationships.  The situations differ greatly, but nothing is impossible and there are certainly no clear cut ways to handle this.  

Well, know that it is all good, and a great place to start.  Eventually you may come around to know that your life doesn't necessarily need to take a severe U-turn at all!  This is for many a jump into uncharted territory.  Many end up stumbling and fumbling their way through what may seem like a totally NEW life full of uncertainty, not to mention how in the world to go about finding a true mate to share the journey with.  Well, despite popular opinion, many men seek the company of


A quick SELFIE I took of myself yesterday at the gym.
Would you like to have been there to help or just watch me?

                      Here's one of my ASS.  Tell me if you like it?!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

.....PARISIAN KISS.... (CONT...)

So i finally step out from the Spa area of the hotel and head up to my floor, with the slight hope I might convince my new Parisian friend to step into my room for even a couple minutes for us to play with no inhibitions.

No.  He tells me on the way up.  He's got to get back to his boyfriend who went over to the room and texted him just moments before while he was still with me in the steam room.  We didn't really play there due to some others coming in and out. He was much more nervous than I.

I did get to grab his firm hot looking milky white skin perky boy like butt, as we were changing.  And now in the elevator he planted some seriously hot delectably delicious deep french kisses like we were lovers lost among too many interruptions dying to tear each others clothes off soon as we got home.  Of course this is how it seemed but the reality was he had someone waiting on him, and I was alone.  Still he kissed me again briefly, this time with the look of yearning in his eyes

Saturday, March 22, 2014


How many of you would love to FUCK a Brazilian??

Well, I just did.  Yea...  I'm at it again is right!  lol!  Well, never really stop actually, but let's just say yea..  for the hell of it.  You know what I mean?!!  (smile)   I know I'm smiling right now as I type!

Virgin!  Yes siree..  Walked away with his head slightly spinning actually! Haha...  Not laughing about it.  Just laughing with great pleasure is all.  A HOT time provided yet again, and to one very deserving 27 years of age Brazilian dude, who moved to the U.S.A less than 2 short weeks ago.

Little did he know he would end up in harms way to his newly violated but highly satisfied Sweet Virgin Hole!  Never even had another man's cock in his hands EVER, before spending time with ME this evening!  True story my dear boys!  Love this life!  Yea..  I go through my ups and downs like everyone else.  But tonight I find myself yet again, in the midst of providing myself and this gentle man, the most heightened sexual experience of his life, reciting the words, yea, I love this!  This is good.  No reason to not enjoy the pleasure I am so gifted at providing for others!

It bought to mind a very conscientious, and slightly concerned Priest during one of my NYC trips, If I'm not mistaken.  Who said, right smack in the middle of my fucking him.  Loudly I might ad.  This is good!  Oh my God he continued.  If this is so good how can it possibly be bad?!  Almost as if he was having the epiphany I had in my own life many years ago.  We all have our story, and my

Friday, March 21, 2014